Village of Caledonia 5043 Chester Lane, Caledonia, WI 53402

Municipal Code of Ordinances

NOTE: The Village of Caledonia became a Village on November 16, 2005. Some copies of Ordinance Documents in this website refer to Caledonia as a Town until the corresponding original Ordinance Document is updated to the correct Village designation.  Ordinance Document copies are provided as a reference, but may not always be up to date.  Always view the original Ordinance Documents available at the Village Offices if up to date information is essential.

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keyword index in PDF format is available as a guide to help find where in the Ordinances to locate regulations on a specific topic. Ordinance Chapters within Title groups are listed below with links.

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Ordinance Title/Chapter Listing 

TITLE 1     General Provisions
Title1/Ch1: Use & Construction 
Title1/Ch2: Enforcement of Ordinances; Issuance of Citations 

TITLE 2     Government and Administration
Title2/Ch1: General Provisions & Elections 
Title2/Ch2: Village Meetings 
Title2/Ch3: Village Board 
Title2/Ch4: Village Officers & Employees 
Title2/Ch5: Commissions & Committees 
Title2/Ch6: Ethical Standards 

TITLE 3     Finance and Public Records
Title3/Ch1: Finance 
Title3/Ch2: Special Assessments 
Title3/Ch3: Public Records 
Title3/Ch4: Room Tax 
Title3/Ch5: Invoicing of Village Expenses and Charges 
Title3/Ch6: Disposal of Surplus Property

TITLE 4     Administrative Determinations Review
Title4/Ch1: Review of Administrative Determination 

TITLE 5     Public Safety
Title5/Ch1: Fire and Emergency Protection 
Title5/Ch2: Fire Prevention & Safety Codes 
Title5/Ch3: Hazardous Materials 
Title5/Ch4: Emergency Government 
Title5/Ch5: Automatic Fire Sprinklers 
Title5/Ch6: Law Enforcement 
Title5/Ch7: Reserved for Future Use
Title5/Ch8: Regulation of Alarm Systems 
Title5/Ch9: Underground Storage Tanks 
Title5/Ch10: Fire Division/Separation Walls 
Title5/Ch11: Abandoned and Seized Property

TITLE 6      Public Works
Title6/Ch1: Public Works 
Title6/Ch2: Trees; Mailbox Placement 
Title6/Ch3: Public Sidewalks Required 
Title6/Ch4: Sidewalk Maintenance, Inspection & Replacement Policy & Procedure 
Title6/Ch5: Town Roads 

TITLE 7     Licensing and Regulation
Title7/Ch1: Licensing of Dogs; Regulation of Animals (How many Horses can I have)? 
Title7/Ch2: Fermented Malt Beverages & Intoxicating Liquor 
Title7/Ch3: Cigarette Licenses & Soda Water Beverage License 
Title7/Ch4: Transient Merchants 
Title7/Ch5: Mobile Homes & Mobile Home Parks, Licensed & Regulated 
Title7/Ch6: Regulation & Licensing of Fireworks 
Title7/Ch7: Street Use Permits 
Title7/Ch8: Licensing of Junk Dealers, Junk Storage & Motor Vehicle Salvage Business 
Title7/Ch9: Massage Establishments & Massage Technicians 
Title7/Ch10: Explosives & Blasting 
Title7/Ch11: Regulation of Nonmetallic Mining 
Title7/Ch12: Licensing & Regulation of Amusement Parks 
Title7/Ch13: Asphalt & Tar Mix Plants; Concrete Ready-Mix Plants & Target Ranges 
Title7/Ch14: Tattoo Parlors 
Title7/Ch15: Licenses to Pay Local Claims; Appellate Procedures 
Title7/Ch16: Residential Property 
Title7/Ch17: Adult Oriented Establishments 
Title7/Ch18: Pawnbrokers & Secondhand Dealers 
Title7/Ch19: Pet Shop/Store Permit 
Title7/Ch20: Special Event Permit

TITLE 8     Community Welfare, Refuse and Sanitation
Title8/Ch1: Residential Uses and Discharges Affecting Community Health 
Title8/Ch2: Pollution Abatement 
Title8/Ch3: Refuse Disposal 
Title8/Ch4: Holding Tanks

TITLE 9    Public Utilities
Title9/Ch1: Caledonia Water Utility Regulations and Rates 
Title9/Ch2: Village of Caledonia Storm Water Utility District Regulations and Rates
Tilte9/Ch3: Reserved for Future Use
Title9/Ch4: Caledonia Sewer Utility District No.1 Regulation & Rates 

TITLE 10    Motor Vehicles and Traffic
Title10/Ch1: Traffic & Parking 
Title10/Ch2: Bicycles and Play Vehicles 
Title10/Ch3: Snowmobiles 
Title10/Ch4: All-Terrain Vehicles and Off-Road Vehicle Operation 
Title10/Ch5: Abandoned and Junk Vehicles 

TITLE 11   Offenses and Nuisances
Title11/Ch1: State Statues Adopted; Penalties 
Title11/Ch2: Offenses Against Public Safety and Peace 
Title11/Ch2: (11-2-1) Hunting Map 
Title11/Ch3: Offenses Against Property 
Title11/Ch4: Offenses Involving Alcoholic Beverages 
Title11/Ch5: Offenses by Juveniles 
Title11/Ch6: Public Nuisances
Title11/Ch7:Offenses Involving Smoking 

TITLE 12    Parks and Navigable Waters
Title12/Ch1: Park Regulations 
Title12/Ch2: East Side Community Center 
Title12/Ch3: Bulkhead Lines 
Title12/Ch4: Cemeteries 

TITLE 13    Land Use Regulations
Title13/Ch1: Official Map 
Title13/Ch2: Planning

TITLE 14    Subdivision Regulations
Title14/Ch1: Land Splits
Title14/Ch2: Reserved for Future Use
Title14/Ch3: Subdivision Controls 

TITLE 15    Building Code
Title15/Ch1: Building, Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC Codes 
Title15/Ch2: Construction Site Erosion Control 
Title15/Ch3: Fair Housing 
Title15/Ch4: Grievances Regarding Access to Public Buildings by Handicapped Persons
Title15/Ch5: Fences 
Title15/Ch6: Property Address Signs 
Title15/Ch7: Property Exterior Maintenance 

TITLE 16 Zoning Code
Title16/Ch1: Introduction; Authority and Adoption
Title16/Ch2: Administration and Enforcement
Title16/Ch3: Board of Appeals
Title16/Ch4: Required Plans and Design Guidelines
Title16/Ch5: General Provisions
Title16/Ch6: Zoning Districts Established
Title16/Ch7: Planned Unit Development Districts
Title16/Ch8: Nonconforming Uses, Structures, and Lots
Title16/Ch9: Conditional Uses
Title16/Ch10: Accessory Uses and Structures
Title16/Ch11: Signs
Title16/Ch12: Off-Street Parking
Title16/Ch13: Floodplain Regulations
Title16/Ch14: Mobile Tower Siting
Title16/Ch15: Shoreland Zoning Ordinance for the Village of Caledonia
Title16/Ch16: Adult Establishment Uses (M-3)
Title16/Ch17: Changes and Amendments
Title16/Ch18: Definitions

TITLE 17 Public Health
Title17/Ch1: Health and Sanitation

TITLE 18     Roads, Private Driveways, Road Openings and Road Drainage
Title18/Ch1: Road Construction, Drainage and Development