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Sex Offender Residency Guide

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Step by Step Guide:

  1. Read Ordinance 2017-13 and Resolution 2017-69, pertaining to your rights and restrictions as a Sex Offender in the Village of Caledonia.
  2. Check the provided map to see if the chosen residence falls in a Child Safety Zone or the 1500’ Buffer Zone. Acceptable residences will fall in the brown, black and white areas. Use google maps for street comparison.
  3. If the residence falls in a Child Safety Zone (orange area) or 1500’ Buffer Zone (purple area) you may seek alternative living arrangements or file an appeal (see Ordinance 2017-13, section (g) Appeal for an Exemption on pg. 7):

a.  Obtain the Sex Offender Residency Appeal Application from the Village Clerk or you can download the form by clicking the link above.

b.  Make sure ALL questions are answered or your form will NOT be accepted.  Return form along with the $25 processing fee to the Village Clerk’s office.

c.  Your hearing will not be scheduled until the form is complete, and all requested documents are submittd.  You will receive a written letter informing you of the date of your hearing. 

d.  The Sex Offenders Residency Board will consider any oral, written, or emailed statements from any person at the hearing, or received before the meeting, and there will be record of that information.  The hearing will also be taped.

e.  A written decision will be mailed to applicants.

f.  If the Sex Offenders Residency Board’s decision is unsatisfactory, you may appeal to the Circuit Court, and would have 30 days from the filing of the final decision to file an appeal with the Circuit Court.

  **   Note that for individuals who violate the Ordinance, there can be a fine imposed of up to $500 per day.