Village of Caledonia 5043 Chester Lane, Racine, WI 53402

Park Sponsor Partnership


LCpl Daniel R. Wyatt Ballpark Advertising Program

The LCpl Daniel R Wyatt Ballpark contains multi-use recreational opportunities for the 24,705 residents of Caledonia and many of visitors from the surrounding communities. The two ball diamonds, concession stand and playgrounds are located entirely within Crawford Park, the flagship park of the Caledonia Parks and Recreation Department.  The diamonds serve as the home fields for Caledonia Baseball and Softball, with league play six days per week and multiple games on the weekends.  During the months of May through August, our “Friends of the Park” organization has over 450 boys and girls participating, ranging in ages from 5-15 years of age.  The ballpark also hosts visiting teams from around Racine County during leagues and tournament play, with family and friends cheering them on.

The Caledonia Parks and Recreation Commission is pleased to announce the opportunity to help support these programs by advertising with permanent signage displayed on the outfield fences.  All funds will be placed in the Caledonia Parks Enterprise Fund and used to develop and maintain our local parks and recreational programs.