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Economic Development

Caledonia Partners with RCEDC

It is important for businesses and developers to have access to technical and financial tools to maximize their project success. Caledonia engages the Racine County Economic Development Corporation (RCEDC) to facilitate its local economic development projects. This partnership has been fruitful resulting in several expansion projects such as Priority Sign, Jelly Stone, Norco Manufacturing, and Culvers. Recruitment projects have included Scannel Properties, CSL-USA, and True North Commons.   

RCEDC is a private, non-profit organization that has access to incentives, grants and loans to accomplish expansion, relocation, and financing projects. Because finding talent is also important to our local businesses, RCEDC added a talent attraction program to benefit Caledonia employers.

RCEDC is the first point of contact for businesses planning expansions, relocations, and financing projects in Racine County.


Business Solutions

RCEDC’s Business Recruitment & Expansion division provides businesses with strategic services needed to complete an expansion, relocation, or recruitment project in Racine County. Whether you are an existing business or new to Caledonia, RCEDC’s team of experts provides support and facilitates all phases of your development project.  Contact RCEDC’s Deputy Director, Laura Million at lmillion@rcedc.org

Finance Tools

Business Lending Partners (BLP) is RCEDC’s trade name for its business financing staff.  From start-ups to global company expansions, BLP has tools to assist companies in Caledonia. Available programs include grants, low-interest loans, as well as State and local incentives. Contact BLP’s Business Finance Manager, Carolyn Engel at Carolyn@BLP504.org

Talent Resources

Caledonia is nicely located in the Chicago-Milwaukee corridor. Many people who have relocated from other areas now call Racine County home. See some of these relocation stories here.

Caledonia’s employers continue to grow which requires more talent to work and live in the area. The Greater Racine County website was built to attract talent. To ensure job opportunities are broadcast to prospective employees, RCEDC launched a digital campaign to showcase job opportunities.  Employers can post their jobs at no cost here, Job seekers can review career opportunities here.



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