Village of Caledonia 5043 Chester Lane, Caledonia, WI 53402


Department Head: Anthony A. Bunkelman, P.E.
Title: Public Services Director
Direct Phone: 262-835-6416
Email: ABunkelman@Caledonia-wi.gov
Location: Caledonia Village Hall, 5043 Chester Lane, Racine, WI 53402

Support Staff:

Engineering Office Hours: 8 am to 5 pm, Monday thru Friday

Engineering Staff is in and out of the office conducting surveys, culvert inspections, investigating drainage issues, inspecting contruction projects and performing other field work as needed.

Engineering Staff may be available to walk in residents during office hours but scheduling an appointment is recommended

Mission Statement: provide engineering support for Village Board and Public Works projects (to include new developments, residential permits, traffic generated problems, and drainage problems). The Engineering Department works through the Public Works Committee, and the Planning Commission; providing recommendations and proposed solutions to identified problems.

Responsibilities: design, inspection, permit review, and administration of public works infrastructure improvements within the Village. The department is full service and is able to manage most engineering activities in-house. Special studies are normally performed by consultant contract services. The Engineering Department also manages all land development activities for the Planning Commission, from the review of plans to meeting with developers to final approval of proposed developmental improvements. Other functions of the Engineering Department include traffic safety and environmental issues. Intersections, sign requests, and road conditions are reviewed and improvements are recommended, if required. Environmental issues, enforcement of erosion control standards and preservation of wetlands, conservation areas, and floodplains are continually monitored.

Racine County's Geographic Information System (GIS) web application site is available to the general public and may be of assistance with plans related to the Village of Caledonia. You can access the site by clicking here. Please take some time to check out the information provided by pressing the Help button once you have the application up.