Village of Caledonia 5043 Chester Lane, Caledonia, WI 53402

Cooperative Boundary Agreement

Exhibit A - General Location Map
Exhibit B - PA Map – Legal Description
Exhibit C - 1 Signed Caledonia Resolution
Exhibit C - 2 Signed Raymond-Resolution
Exhibit D - I94 Land Use Plan
Exhibit E - National Heritage Inventory
Exhibit F - Intergovernmental Agreement
Exhibit I - Fire and Safety locations
Exhibit J - Map
Exhibit K - Design Standards
Exhibit L - Raymond Sewer Service Area Map
Exhibit M - Minutes
Exhibit N - Notice of Public Hearing
Exhibit P - SEWRPC Approval Letter

Amended Exhibits G and H

Exhibit G-1 - Design Standards
Exhibit G-2 - Caledonia Land Use Plan
Exhibit G-3 - TID Project Plan
Exhibit G-4 - Raymond Feasibility Study
Exhibit G-5 – Raymond Land Use Plan
Exhibit G-6 – Racine Area Sewer Agreement
Exhibit G-7 – Mt. Pleasant Caledonia Sewer Agreement
Exhibit G-8 – Caledonia Oak Creek Water Agreement
Exhibit H-1 – Racine County Code Chapter 20
Exhibit H-2 – Adopted Ordinance & Chp 26
Exhibit H-3 – Caledonia Title 16
Exhibit H-4 – Caledonia Title 14
Exhibit H-5 – Caledonia Title 15
Exhibit H-6 – Caledonia Title 9

Signed approval of the Village of Caledonia and Town of Raymond Cooperative Plan