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Police & Fire Commission

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The Board of the Police and Fire Commissions shall perform such powers and duties as are prescribed in Secs. 62.13(2) to (5) and (7) to (12), Wis Stats. Also appoint the Chief of Police and Chief of the Fire Department.   Approve appointments of subordinates made by the Police and Fire Chiefs. Establish the selection process and eligibility list for entry level positions (Police Officer/Firefighter). Hear an appeal from a subordinate who has been suspended by the Police or Fire Chief and who requests a hearing.  Hear charges filed against the Chief or charges filed by the Chief against a subordinate. May also hear charges filed by a member of the Board, the Board as a body or any aggrieved person, and determine whether there shall be a penalty. Please submit the provided application to the Village Clerk at 5043 Chester Lane or email jhoeffert@caledonia-wi.gov 


William White (President)
Term Expires: 05/2025

Janet Brown
Term Expires: 05/2027

Mark Schulz
Term Expires: 05/2024

Mark Lendvay
Term Expires: 05/2023

John Becker
Term Expires: 05/2026


For Questions or concerns, please contact PFC@caledonia-wi.gov.