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RUSD Esports Team Compete at State Competition

RUSD's esports teams competed at the state tournament in Fond du Lac this past weekend. They didn't take home any state titles but say their experience was worth more than the gold.

Horlick's Overwatch team placed 2nd while two Park High School students made it to the Final Four for Super Smash Bros. Case High School's League of Legends team also made it to the Final Four. Walden's team had success in Overwatch, making it to the Final Four in that game as well.

RUSD students from Case, Park, Walden and Horlick all come together in support of each other (and in a few matches against each other) in competition where they demonstrated poise and good sportsmanship. 
Parents and grandparents came out in support of our students, most having never seen any esports competitions before Saturday. One grandmother even said, "I never realized this was so intense!" 

"We had coaches, athletic directors and principals show support for something, in the beginning, they may not fully understood, but came to embrace through the season. And without the support of these people, this never would have happened," James O'Hagan, RUSD Virtual Learning Director said.

Congratulations to these students on a successful season!