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Fire Department Public Education

"Candle With Care" - Of reported fires, candles cause an estimated 18,000 fires in U.S. homes annually. One-third of these fires occurred after candles were left unattended or abandoned.  Recognize the dangers and stay safe.

"Watch What You Heat" - Of reported home fires, over 100,000 are associated with cooking equipment each year. Three in 10 home fires start in the kitchen and unattended cooking is the leading cause.  Recognize the dangers and stay safe. 

One-and two-family dwellings need smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms effective February 1, 2011, in Wisconsin. Smoke Alarms Save Lives and Property.

CPR Information

Welcome to the Caledonia Fire Department Public CPR program. It is our goal to give you the necessary knowledge and skills to perform CPR, which is the first step in the American Heart Association’s Chain of Life.

Please contact the Fire Department administration office at 6900 Nicholson Road, phone number (262) 835-2050 for further information.


Fire Safety Links

For Adults
1) US Fire Administration 
2) Residential Fire Sprinklers  
3) Fire Safety Basics
4) Winter Fire Safety Tips
5) Winter Fire Safety Check List

6) Hazards in the home

7) Emergency Preparedness Guide for Landlords

8) Senior Road Guide 

9) Fireplace and Wood Stove Safety and First Aid

10) Residential Fire Prevention and Safety 


For Kids
1) US Fire Administration For Kids
2) Sparky Fire Safety  
3) SmokeyThe Bear  
4) Nico the Ninja Fire Safety

5) Nico the Ninja Save Energy

6) PBS Kids Fire Safety

7) Home Emergency & Disaster Safety

8) A Guide To Crime And Fire Provention For Kids



Other Services


  • School fire safety educational programs
  • Fire drills: school, industrial, commercial
  • Private fire extinguisher classes for industrial and commercial
  • Private apparatus/equipment display for residents, industrial and commercial 
  • Station tours; stop in, or call for a reservation to see your fire station and its equipment
  • Juvenile fire intervention program