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Proposed Future Land Use Plan Amendments

Comprehensive Land Use Plan Amendments

Beginning in December 2017 the Village of Caledonia has been working with a planning firm to have a fresh look at the planned land uses along Interstate 94.  The current Caledonia Land Use Plan (based on the Racine County Multi-Jurisdictional Land Use Plan: 2035) is currently in place. However, a variety of new planning efforts, market trends, infrastructure projects, and development projects have been taking place recently in this area.  Given this, a land use study that outlines possible new future land uses for the Village’s Comprehensive Plan has been authored.  The study was adopted by the Plan Commission and the next step is for the Village to formally implement desired Future Land Use Map and text amendments that were developed from the Study.

Please find below the latest information surrounding the study and the proposed land use amendments that will be before the Village Board and Plan Commission in the next month. 


  • Proposed NEW Future Land Use Map Amendments: 2035

  • Proposed NEW Future Land Use Plan Text Amendments (amended language found in blue in the attachment)

  • Existing Future Land Use Map: 2035

  • I-94 Corridor Full Study

Upcoming Meetings

  • Public Informational meeting Wednesday June 13, 2018

  • Plan Commission Public Hearing and Recommendation - Monday June 25, 2018

  • Village Board Review (TBD – earliest date could be Monday July 2, 2018)

Caledonia I94 Corridor Land Use Study 

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Proposed Future I94 Corridor Land Use Map 

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New Land Use Plan Text

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Existing Future Land Use Map 

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